Why Invest In Sarasota

December 5, 2017

For its attractive prices.

Nestled on the west coast of Florida, the city of Sarasota has great potential that attracts up to 2 million visitors each year. Among its many assets, the attractive prices of its properties attract a growing number of investors, as Greg Orquera explains: “In Sarasota, it is quite possible to acquire a property of 100 m2 with two bedrooms and two bathrooms for 160 000 €. We can therefore do very good business acquisition on quality products.

For its advantageous taxation. In the state of Florida, property income is net of tax, which is a significant financial benefit to anyone wishing to make a rental investment. In Sarasota, one must also take into account the fact that the expenses are much lower than in other big cities of Florida. This is particularly the case of condominium fees, which are between $ 250 and $ 350 per month. In addition, the property tax amounts to 1.1% or 1.2% of the value of the property, while it reaches 2% in Miami. Investing in real estate in Sarasota is not only a good deal for the acquisition, but also ensure a net profit above 4%.

For its exceptional quality of life.

Ideally located along the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota has the most beautiful beaches in the United States. In addition to spreading its white sand for nearly 60 km and offering a multitude of seaside activities in every season, it has a vibrant city center and an important cultural scene, two assets that are particularly appealing to Europeans and are lacking. to many American cities. In the process of becoming a real cultural crossroads, it hosts international events; At the end of 2017, the world rowing championships will take place there. With over a hundred golf courses, Sarasota is also a paradise for golfers coming from all over the United States. In short, investing in Sarasota means enjoying attractive prices while enjoying an exceptional quality of life all year long.

For its ability to please all profiles.

Like any self-respecting Florida city, Sarasota attracts a large number of retirees to enjoy its paradise setting. She has also been voted the best American city to retire. Families do not miss to be seduced by its security, its easy access to the beach, its good schools, its many parks and public gardens … Sarasota is a city in full expansion which also pleases the young professionals, thanks to its dynamism which This includes a multitude of building projects under construction in the downtown area, for an estimated $ 1 billion. Finally, tourists are not mistaken, since more and more people are leaving every year to discover the jewel Floridien that is Sarasota.