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Price: One month’s rent


Price: 9%


Price: variable



Find the right tenant quickly with our real estate marketing experts. We utilize tools like the Appfolio software, which provides full visibility of your property on all reputable real estate websites.


Each received application is meticulously studied: References, income, credit score, etc. Our goal is to only select highly qualified tenants for your property.


Our team handles daily requests and coordinates repairs. It’s a great way to keep your property in excellent condition.


We take care of all billing and rent collection through our management account for you. Once the condominium fees are paid, we transfer the funds to your bank account

Management Reports

Monitor your property’s performance with ease. We generate monthly reports for your review, clearly documenting the income and expenses for your rental property.

Unpaid Rents

We have had no unpaid rents since the beginning of our operations. In the unlikely event that it happens, tenants are evicted within approximately 6 weeks.


Our Market Knowledge

From Bradenton to Sarasota, our experienced team of management professionals has a deep understanding of the local market. Displaying the true rental value in advance is a crucial element for studying an investment project and is the key to its success. Our experience with over 150 managed properties and numerous testimonials demonstrate that you can fully trust us on this matter.


Our Team and Sarasota

Currently, our team consists of 8 individuals based in Sarasota who have an in-depth knowledge of the city and its market specifics. The company already manages 150 properties located in the most favorable neighborhoods of the city. With its beautiful beaches, golf courses, European-style downtown, safety, and abundant outdoor activities, Sarasota is attracting more and more French investors and individuals seeking a second home in a paradisiacal location. Our team is here to listen and assist you in achieving your project in Sarasota and its surrounding areas.


Our Company

While Orquera Florida was established in 2010, the Orquera Group has been specializing in real estate investment for over 30 years. With extensive experience in rental investment in France, managing more than 1,000 properties, the group expanded its services to Florida to offer its expertise to clients seeking to diversify their assets, generate multiple income streams, and invest in the United States.