Preferred Shore x Orquera Florida Investments

January 10, 2024

We are delighted to announce our brand-new collaboration with Preferred Shore agency! Orquera Florida is honored to become the exclusive company responsible for managing their clients’ properties. With a strong foundation comprising over 350 clients, our collaboration has already reached a milestone with the signing of our third listing. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey, where the reputation of Preferred Shore and our expertise will come together to provide you with a service that meets your expectations.

Each of our clients trusts us, and we strive to strengthen that trust at every stage of our collaboration. The entire team at Orquera Florida is working hard to ensure the best satisfaction for both current and future clients.

We would like to thanks Preferred Shore for the trust they place in us. It is through such collaboration that we can continually improve our services and best meet your needs. We are thrilled to start this new adventure hand in hand with Preferred Shore, contributing together to the ongoing success of our clients. We look forward to discovering what the future holds. Thank you again for this opportunity, and may this collaboration be the beginning of many successes to come!

The Orquera Florida Investments Team