Around Sarasota… Exploring Florida!

May 10, 2021

Hi, my name is Amina, I am the marketing assistant and I want to share with you the beauty of Florida! Indeed, before living here, I came for a vacation and I explored different places such as the springs. What I like about nature & wildlife: you can’t predict when or what you will see. It’s a surprise every time! 


So if you are looking for a weekend getaway idea or if you haven’t heard of the Florida springs yet, here are my top 5 picks!

  • My #1 Rainbow Springs

I went to Rainbow Springs in December. It was really amazing to see Christmas decorations in the natural beauty! You can enjoy different activities such as swimming in crystal clear water, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and eat in the restaurant with a blue water view!


⛯Located 2.5 hours or 161 miles from our office 




  • My #2 – Weeki Wachee Springs

I went to Weeki Wachee Springs for my birthday in August because I really wanted to kayak with the manatees. And guess what? I saw a family of manatees, even babies! It was just awesome! You can also see catfish and birds in crystal clear water with a beautiful landscape.


⛯Located 2 hours or 105 miles from our office in Sarasota




  • My #3 Silver Springs 

Silver Springs is an incredible place with alligators, manatees, birds and turtles. I went 2 or 3 times because if you are lucky you can see Monkeys! You can also enjoy the different walking trails. If you don’t want to kayak with alligator encounters, don’t worry, you can enjoy the amazing glass bottom boat! I actually started with the glass bottom boat and then decided to try kayaking.

⛯ It’s 156 miles or 2.5 hours from our office!





  • My #4 Wekiwa Springs

It was the first time when I met alligators while kayaking, for me it was incredible! 

How amazing it is to meet a baby alligator, and then very surprising to meet a baby deer as well!  I didn’t expect that!


⛯2.5 hours or 145 miles from our office




  • My #5 – Blue Springs 

The first time I came to the USA, it was only for a vacation,  Blue Springs was the first spring I discovered. I was amazed by the color of the water and I remember how the sand was shining! You can swim in the refreshing waters with fish and turtles, walk, kayaking and you can find manatees, birds, catfish.

⛯ 3 hours  or 164 miles 





In conclusion, the relationship with nature in Florida is amazing, indeed the wildlife is in total liberty. You can meet alligators or manatees everywhere. Of course we all have to respect them and keep our distance. I believe to be lucky to live in Florida!