Life in Sarasota

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Medieval Fair Sarasota

MEDIEVAL FAIR Welcome to the Sarasota Medieval Fair! Every year, on every weekend of November, The Ringling Woods behind the Sarasota Fairgrounds turn into a big Medieval Festival. Change of Scenery guaranteed with its knights, jesters, minstrels, sword swingers and more! Your team at Orquera Florida Investments experienced it last Sunday and let’s say it’s...
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Sarasota Named One of the Top Buyer’s Markets in the U.S.

Is luxury real estate up or down? Hot or cold? Buyer’s market or seller’s market? These are questions that seem impossible to answer, given the old truism that all real estate is local. Read the full article:
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Rowing Sarasota

Sarasota club tries to win seventh straight Southeast title SARASOTA It did not take long for Clare Christie to understand what it means to become part of the Sarasota Crew. The freshman at Lakewood Ranch High has been rowing for the dominant youth rowing club for just four months and has already been part of...
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7 Reasons To Live In Sarasota

Let’s take a look: 1. Weather: You could say this about any coastal place in the state, but having lived under the gray skies of Pennsylvania and in cold Colorado, let me tell you, that nearly daily dose of sunshine and utter lack of freezing cold temperatures is the No. 1 reason people from the rest...
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What Does the Future Hold for Sarasota?

On a postcard-perfect afternoon not long ago, I found myself on the rooftop bar at the 18-story Westin Hotel, looking around at a city in transformation. East of the placid blue bay, cranes and girders reached to join a skyline that includes seven new buildings of 18 floors, the top height allowed by the city....
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Why Invest In Sarasota

For its attractive prices. Nestled on the west coast of Florida, the city of Sarasota has great potential that attracts up to 2 million visitors each year. Among its many assets, the attractive prices of its properties attract a growing number of investors, as Greg Orquera explains: “In Sarasota, it is quite possible to acquire...
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